Saturday, June 2, 2007

A littlfe fire never hurt anybody... permanently...

While reading comments over at a few various blogs, and even commenting every now and then, I've noticed that some people, including myself, tend to get a little bit spiteful in their ardent advocation against an apparent assailant. Obviously, I'm not in a position to say, "Stop it, you apes!" or any other such thing, but if I were, rest assured that I would. Rather than give you a long lecture that nobody would read about hurt feelings and such, we're going to have an "also sprach Stephen" moment.

I love you all. Even those of you I haven't met. This is a big time problem of mine, that I give my heart away so quickly, but really, truly, I do care about each and every one of you. I'm not saying that I want to start a relationship with any of you or anything, so please don't read that into this. I want you all to know that when I see you suffering, I feel that with you. I hope that you all sort of feel the same way about each other.

We will always have different opinions than one another, and that is a part of life. But if I may, I'd like to encourage you to not spite another moho because of his views or opinions on something, or because of a decision he's made. Or a mistake. I'd also like to encourage you not to declare anybody "not a moho." At least for these purposes. It's rather akin to listening to a humanist argument and then saying, "well, it doesn't apply because these things aren't people. Accordingly, I just want to say to you, oh valued reader of my blog, that I do love you. I love you notwithstanding your status in the church, I love you regardless of whether you've ever kissed a boy(or girl!), I love you even if you have tasted the forbidden waters, and I love you even if you haven't. I love you if you're a republican, a democrat, a green, a libertarian, a communist, a federalist, an independent, a political apathetic, or anything in between. I love you if you comment on my blog, and I love you if you read in silence. I love you if you check my blog for updates religiously and I love you too, oh first time reader. If this isn't your first time and you managed to not get addicted last time, I doubt this post is going to sway you, but that's OK because I love you anyway. Jerk. (j/k)

Alright, that's about as sappy as I get. Who wants a hug?

I didn't do a very good job of communicating that I wanted that to apply to EVERY MoHo, not just the guys. Especially the I Love yous. I'm going to resist the urge to rip off V for Vendetta and talk about how even though I ma never hug you etc... but yeah.


Abelard Enigma said...

Who wants a hug?

ooh, ooh, pick me! pick me!

-L- said...
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-L- said...

There are times to cast a blind eye when someone has said something offensive unintentionally. There are times to gently point out mistakes. There are times to call indecency for what it is. There are times to get indignant and riled and make a dramatic scene. Knowing when each of those times is, is an art. It's something that I think everyone strives for, but we all have a lot to learn.

One of the things I try to remember (although not always successfully) is that I'm my best when I remember that every person I speak with, whether I agree with them or not, is a child of God. Everyone deserves our best wishes, no matter how hateful, wrong, or obnoxious.

Samantha said...

What about if I'm a girl. Do you still love me? What if I'm a girl who really likes girls...but married a guy anyway...

Just wondering which way the wind blows with the female mohos.

playasinmar said...

What doesn't kill you may permanently disfigure you.