Friday, June 8, 2007

Stephen and Brady's Excellent Seattle Adventure

So, for those of you who didn't know, because I don't think either of us mentioned it in a blog or anything, I went up to the Seattle area on Wednesday to return some stuff to Ikea. While I was there, a marvelous adventure took place starring two of the coolest characters of all time: Brady and Stephen!

Things went pretty well until I left Ikea about 15 minutes later than I would have liked to. And then I got lost trying to find the Seattle Center. You know the Space Needle was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi? Yeah, it isn't anymore. In fact, there are apartment complexes that are the same height or taller. That's to say nothing of the sky scrapers that dot the city. Fortunately though, I found it eventually, and the adventure began.

After a lunch at McDonald's, we went in to experience the Experience Music Project. It was pretty cool, but only cool enough to be fun for a couple of hours. It also included entry to the Sci-Fi Museum. That was kind of neat, but the truth is that as cool as they both were, we spent less than three hours between the two of them. We traveled then, via monorail, to the mall. The mall is a wonderful invention, I think. We managed to waste tons of time there like it was candy... or something. I'm not sure which was better though: Sitting on a beanbag called "the cuddler" at the beanbag shop, or watching Brady get all excited at the Japanese import store. Both were pretty cool.

On the Monorail back from the mall to the Seattle Center, where our cars were parked, an older lady heard us talking and joined us. Getting three arm chair theologians together can create all sorts of fun, but nothing too serious happened. As we were walking away from the monorail, she started talking about women's intuition, and how men have an intuition too. Brady said something like, "I think we're probably more in touch with it than most men." I felt bad about laughing, since she had no idea, but I laughed quite a bit. I thought she'd even picked up on it when she started talking about homosexuality immediately thereafter, but no... After some more laughing, we definitely came out to a complete stranger.

The drive back to his parents' place was entertaining too. I don't remember who called who, but we were super close to each other when it happened. In fact, there was only one car in between us, who moved while we talking about it. I followed him home the rest of the way from that point. We made a short detour to get some petrol, because my car was out. I only paid 3.089 USD/gal. Stoked is one thing, but I was positively thrilled about that one.

We made it back to his place and picked out a movie to watch. I'd never seen Liar Liar, and now I have. It was on a VHS. For those of you who aren't familiar with this ancient technology, it's a film based recording at a relatively low video quality. Some time before the DVD was developed, they made these black plastic cases that they filled with a film that had bazillions of tiny little pictures and sounds on it. The VHS player would read the film and communicate it to the television. Crazy, huh? Anyway, the movie was pretty cool.

Thereafter, we went down to his room and watched some funny videos. There were some movies from his work that were pretty snazzy, a series of "office linebacker" commercials, and Little Britain. Were we the only gays in that town? Well, I might have thought so, but the computer says no, so I guess not.

Somewhere around 2:00 (ish) we went to bed, and then somewhere around 10:30(ish) we got up the next morning. We went bowling, after pleasant things like showering and tooth-brushing and breakfasting and the like. The first ally we went to was closed. (./tear) but the second one was open. We rented the lane for an hour, and bowled four games. I won the first two, he won the second two, and thus was a rivalry born. I'll get you next time, Brady! (./evil laugh) We went out to eat, and had more interesting conversation. I mean, we'd been having interesting conversation pretty steadily since Wednesday, but even so, it was cool.

Finally, we went back to his place and didn't really do anything. Even so, the last little bit of our adventure was over too quickly, and I had to make my way back home. The return trip was pretty uneventful, although I5 at seven lanes in each direction is a pretty impressive site.

In other news, I leave for national camp school super super early tomorrow morning, so I might get a chance to talk to any of you until I get back from that. If that's the case, I wish you the very very very best of luck with everything that you're doing, and you can expect to hear a long, detailed blog about how camp school went when I get back.


Brady said...

Yay for hanging out! That was lots of fun. And I'm glad you blogged about it so I don't have to.

I also thoroughly appreciated the references to Little Britain... "I'm the only gay in this village!" and "Computa' says no..."

Oh, and I think you failed to mention that my margin of victory on the last two bowling games was higher than yours on the first two. That means my cumulative score was higher than yours.... I win!

Stephen said...

Meh, everybody gets lucky sometimes. Next time we bowl, we'll see who wins. ;)

playasinmar said...

Hooray for Little Britain!

drex said...

Haha you said petrol. :D