Sunday, April 15, 2007

BYU Alternative Commencement

So, just in case anybody didn't know, Brett is the faculty Liaison for the BYU Alternative Commencement, and he had a few things that he wanted to share with everybody, starting with the BYU Alternative Commencement mission statement.

"Last month, Brigham Young University invited Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at the school's April commencement. Many students, faculty, alumni, and community members feel that Cheney represents neither their standards nor those of the University.

BYU Alternative Commencement is a grassroots effort comprised of BYU students, faculty, alumni, and friends determined to make their voices count by marching to an alternative commencement following the official graduation ceremony.

We want this event to be an alternative commencement, but also a commencement about alternatives. Instead of responding with criticism and traditional forms of protest, we want to give students, faculty, and community members an opportunity to express dissent in a constructive way. Our program will focus on alternatives, as well, featuring speakers who offer creative, democratic solutions to the problems facing our country and government. By holding an alternative commencement, we seek to honor speakers who embody a spirit of political optimism and ingenuity. We hope that this event will counter cynicism and wholesale criticism by encouraging discussion and empowering graduates to offer positive solutions to daunting problems. We believe that preparing students to make this kind of visionary, creative change is what commencement should be about.

Please join us after the official ceremony to listen to human rights acitivist Jack Healey, former U.S. Senate candidate Pete Ashdown, and third party advocate Ralph Nader."

Now, the thing about Ralph Nader coming to campus is that he wants a decent amount of money, about 15,000 dollars. Healey and Ashdown are far more reasonable, but even so, we need to raise some money. Any little bit counts. If you can donate just a couple dollars, please visit


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